Happily In love <3

So this weekend went really well.. I had a lot of fun with the family and boyfriend we went to a party on Saturday and my boyfriend afterwards went to my house and we watched the hurt locker its a good movie 🙂 We were laying in the couch tired and full we ate tacos in the party they were so good yummy! lol On Sunday my sister went to my house and picked up some shoes she had forgotten and she looked beautiful with her dress and her big tummy (she’s pregnant) so she woke me up at 10:24 On weekends I try waking up at 11 a.m because in the weekdays I only sleep 3 hours for taking care of my nephew and doing hw and studying. ahh! hehe well she woke me up I got ready looked stunning! and my boyfriend came we went to Denios walked around saw my parents and we decided to go eat just the 4 of us. My brother was at my uncles and cousins house; they went to the movies, mall and to eat. boring guys. lol they do that every sunday lol but I love them! My parents, boyfriend and I went to eat at Golden Corral it was good but I got full very fast. After that my boyfriend and I went to a place we used to go when we had around 2 years of dating. It felt so nice taking pictures, talking, hugging, a kiss once in a while and holding hands.. It was beautiful I will post a picture later.. It was really nice just feeling the air and him holding me after that we came home to do some scrapbooking around 9 pm my parents were home already. and we had fun. its hard to blog on the weekends, for I am really busy at those days. While we were out in our “SPOT” we decided to take real professional pictures at a beach so right now before I leave to school now that I just finished my hw I am looking for a photographer! 6 years of love we need nice pictures 🙂 Love him!


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