Did Gov. Jan Brewer do the right thing by signing the immigration bill, S1070?

  • no (54%, 2,321 Votes)
  • yes (46%, 2,006 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,327

I don’t support the Arizona Law. It’s racist and profiling.Wow! we have so many racist people here! who are you to judge Mexicans! We only want money and for that WE WORK! something I don’t see AMERICANS HOMELESS doing; they are asking for money next to the freeway! Mexican’s sell fruit ice cream, toys, corn, work on cars, mow lawns, clean houses, construction, roof, fence, WORK THE FIELD anything we do it and so much more; something I don’t see Americans doing! they depend on unemployment or begging people! how sad is that. We pay taxes as well! we don’t live for free!! unlike all of you when you loose your job why worry you have unemployment MEXICANS DONT! they have to find another job as soon as possible and feed their family! I was born in California but I am a Mexicana by HEART! how ignorant is USA thinking they will be OK with OUT US. Remember this with out MEXICANS you guys aren’t ………. [you know what I mean] and Remember this WE are not leaving! you can take them out and they will come back! this is ours and we’re here to get what belonged to us but the US stole! read your history ignorants you’ll see how much of the US was actually MEXICO’S. This is OUR land we WORK this LAND!!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!!! We’re here and all we want is a better life and better jobs. if you say WE are dangerous go check the police’s wanted on your states government page and you’ll see how many white americans are raping girls, and killing don’t be stereotyping people if one did something it doesn’t mean that we ALL do the same!! you are saying we are ignorant people please you’r the one judging one as all! think before you talk! because we are here and we won’t leave!!!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!! VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!!!


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