Beautiful Young Lady [My profile]

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Hi, I am outgoing, fun and have a lot of excitement and joy. I am a daughter, sister, aunt, fiancee, friend, and a role model. I have the most wonderful family. I thank God for giving me a supportive and lovely family. My parents help me and support me everyday of my life. My older sister is a wonderful sweet girl, who is the mother, to the most wonderful baby ever! My nephew my light in a a dark room; my joy; my happiness. My sister is expecting a babygirl! We’re waiting for the baby to arrive 🙂 My young brother so sweet and so amazing. He has a great heart! I have been in a relationship for 6 years and I have to say He has taught me so much about life and LOVE! He is my first boyfriend, hug, kiss and true love! Isn’t he lucky! he is my true love; my soulmate! God made him for me and we will keep it strong! we will soon get married I feel lucky next to him! I am a friend to some and a role model to many because of how ambitious I am. I want to be successful and I want to be more happy. When I set my goal and my heart to reach it, I try until I get there. I want to be a psychologist! Hopefully I will get there soon! I have patience and as the days go I learn a lot more about myself, life, my family, boyfriend, career and love! I love Scrapbooking and making cards! I am addicted to embellishments! What I love about everything is that my family and boyfriend support my addiction! I love reading, shopping, soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, creativity, spending time with the family, my pup, overall I LOVE my life!


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