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This is an AMAZING give away! check it out :) Zoe’s giveaway



Check it out! it’s amazing! Wish me luck crossing my fingers and toes :]] hehe This is the link check it out

Zoe also has great craft and wonderful ideas she showed us three and my favorite was the second one the Rocking horse! I love horses, but the effect on this card makes it great! She got the horse to rock! woo hoo! I also love its colors! My second fav was the other horse that went up wow how many effects can she make! and plus the colors are beautiful! my third fav was the turtle its so cute! I am looking forward to going back and taking a look at the things she does! check it ou!


To let you all know I am having this blog for Scrapbook and Review purposes :)

Like I have said I get excited for everything! I am excited I want to review books =]

A reader!

I have said before I am a reader! I love it believe me I can read 500 pages in half a day and explain to you what the book was about. My friend recently told me to start reviewing books and perhaps I can start getting free books, so I can review them. I hope thats possible because I would love to do that! I am not sure where to start, but I will start reviewing all the books I have read and I will start here 🙂

The Perfect Man


Funny! “The perfect Man” Woman waiting for the perfect men

What to do?

I am a little bummed since my blog looks so ugly. lol I so many beautiful blogs and I change my theme and it doesn’t work. my side links are too big how could I make them smaller? just a question with out an answer. who to ask? jejeje

Prima giveaway! WOWW!!

Mimis time

I have to say today was a good day! I studied for my finals :/ which are on Monday and Tuesday! Please wish me luck those days! I am excited I have just participated on many candy alerts! first time ever I actually have around 7 one from 2 days ago and the rest today. I didn’t know they existed I wish I get lucky. If not good luck to all, you know how happy I get for all things! Well I am tired and I wake up early tomorrow to take care of the most amazing kid out here my baby boy my life my Nephew! 🙂 well good night everyone!